About Us

Pastoral Staff

Pastor and Prior: Fr. Edward Gorman, O.P.

Parochial Vicar: Fr. Louis Bertrand Lemoine, O.P.

Parochial Vicar: Fr. Michael Ciccone, O.P.

In Residence at the Priory

Fr. Anthony Breen, O.P.

Fr. Martin Martiny, O.P.
Catholic Chaplain University of Louisville

Fr. Dominic Bump, O.P.

Formally Assigned to the Priory

Fr. Francis Ralph, O.P.

Fr. Emmanuel Bertrand, O.P.

Parish Staff

Deacon: Reverend William Klump
Music Director and Organist: Tony Clemons
Parish Secretary: Angela Elliott
Bulletin Editor: Christina Graney
Bookkeeper: Lisa Corbett
Catechetics and Youth Ministry: Katie Reed